Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Remodeling & Roleplaying

I'm not talking about our house, though we are doing a lot of work on it. I'm talking about my website, www.cullun.com.

This site is more of a portal, than a full fledged website on its own, to the different sites of mine and the different roles I play. This blog is the amalgamation of those persona and that site is the portal to them.
If you think about it, we all play a lot of roles in our lives, but what defines us? Just because you work in Real Estate does that mean you are a Realtor? Just because you work as a Nurse that mean you are a Nurse? Well yes, and no.

A great quote I've used on my site is:
Remind Yourself: I am a human being before anything else. -Frank Chimero
We can all get caught up in titles. When you meet a stranger it's easy to just ask "so, what do you do?". That tells us some about the person, but what we do at a job isn't who we are, only a reflection. It's very similar, if not the same, as stereotyping. These roles we play and categorize people into help reduce the amount of thought we have to put into understanding the person.

If you have children, you're a parent. If you live on the streets, you're homeless. It's similar with religious labels: Christian, Atheist, Buddhist, Muslim, Hindu, etc. Those roles that we play as humans are part of who we are, but first and foremost we are all human. If we all took that a little more to heart and looked at our fellow humans that way I think the world would be a better place. Yeah, I know, sappy.

So, what are you?

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