Monday, March 22, 2010

Google Thinks My Wife is Crazy

So, after we realized we were pregnant I thought it'd be fun to do a little reading online about what to expect. I was amused to find what out what Google thought I'd be searching for:

It would appear that statistically my wife does not fall into the Google expected norm of 'crazy'. Actually things have been pretty smooth so far in the pregnancy and hopefully it stays that way for her. We're almost at the 10 week mark and from what we've read a lot of the morning sickness occurs in the first trimester if at all. Apparently only about 30% of women actually throw-up from morning sickness during pregnancy but obviously that's not what we hear about on TV and in the media.

At least one fourth of all pregnancies do not involve morning sickness. Approximately 50 to 75 % of pregnant women experience a period in early pregnancy with nausea, and about 30% also experience vomiting. - WikiAnswers

We've got our next Doctor's appointment a little before 12 weeks and hope to find out everything is going well and to continue to learn more about this life-changing journey that we're on!

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  1. Go to and sign up for their weekly emails. They will send each of you an email every week with a description of what is happening with the baby's development. The updates continue after your baby is born. My son just turned 6 and I'm still getting them. :)

    And...while I won't make any specific commentary of your wife, my own experience indicates that it isn't a stretch to connect pregnant and crazy. Hormones are very powerful!